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November 17, 2005

What makes a good conference?

Seth's Blog: How to Run a Useless Conference

Seth needs to stop by Learning 2006 next year (maybe Elliott should consider having him speak?). Learning 2005 was atypical, it made a difference.

It is interesting to compare this post to the raging discussion on the AECT Division of Distance Learning (DDL) email list right now (that has also been discussed on Nate’s blog about how or whether to run a virtual conference. The issue has been raised about whether we can even have a good face-to-face conference and what that really means to people.

Good conferences are about connections, human connections. They are also about the experience, not an individual session. That is not to say that you might not hear or see a session that has an impact on your thinking, only that such a session is not why you attend. So, to add to the DDL fodder, how would you make a virtual conference a connecting, unforgettable experience?

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Posted by Rovy at November 17, 2005 6:48 PM