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December 20, 2007

Google, Android, and ARG Games

From the GLS email list (note this is not an open mailing list):

The first augmented reality games on handheld (we call them ARGH) for Google's Android is now out in Beta. 2 thoughts on this: 1) It is now easier to see how Google is beginning to pull all of their technologies together in interesting ways and 2) This is the first step in making ARGH games much more accessible.

The Local Games Lab, which is a part of the Academic ADL Co-Lab has created 8 educational ARGH games and the level of student engagement is very high. These demonstrate the power of these games as a learning tool.

I wonder how people in a mall or nice restaurant will react to people playing ARGH shooter games? When we will see the first "No ARG Shooter Games Permitted Here" signs begin to pop up?

A good description of the WiFi Army beta game can be found over at FinderMentalism.

Posted by Rovy at December 20, 2007 1:21 PM



At your suggestion from Learning 2007, I picked up Halting States and it really opened my eyes to how workable augmented reality could be implemented, not just as a future state-thing -- but looking at what's available in the near-term (Android) and how platforms that are emerging can be leveraged to get to the long-term visions of augmented reality.

I'm pretty excited to read about what's coming out of the Co-Lab, and it's very cool that you're bringing some degree of transparency to the advancements that are being made as an evolutionary process.

Good stuff.

Posted by: Aaron at December 20, 2007 3:37 PM