May 25, 2004

Additional Progress

I have handed off a draft of my dissertation proposal to my committee chair! While I expect some significant revisions, it feels like I am making some progress. Again, my dissertation is a usability-based ID model for using learning objects.

I am taking a grounded approach to the development of the model. Meaning that I am looking to the instructional designers and users of instruction to forge a model out of practice rather than taking a more theoretical approach to creating a model.

This will take longer and be more complicated than a theoretical approach, however, the result will have a more practical foundation. This is quite a bit to bite off for a single dissertation and it might be that only parts of the model will be successfully completed in this initial effort but, we’ll see…

More challenges are ahead, not the least of which is aligning the hectic world of my fulltime, real-world work environment to the academic needs to collect data and take time to analyze the data!

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May 18, 2004

MT -the party is over?

autounfocus: MT Affronts, Offends, Loses

Well, the new MT is a big disappointment for the long-time users due to its licensing plans and restrictive nature. This pretty much kills my intended use for a class I was going to teach next fall. I guess it is on to find new tools that will allow the true spirit of blogging to continue. *sigh…*

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