June 16, 2004

More Content Walls Coming Down

Wired News: BBC to Open Content Floodgates

This Wired story about the BBC shows how the barriers to using digital content are continuing to fall. The BBC archives could provide a boon to educators because the terms allow remixing and editing of content.

Unfortunately, only people in the UK will have access.

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June 10, 2004

Masie Center SIG

The Masie Center   SIG on Instructional Design was a great experience. I always learn as much about the field by presenting as I do by attending such events.

I really appreciate Elliott's invitation to come and do a small part to facilitate the session.

There were many designers and training managers from top companies. It strikes me how we are all dealing with the increasing complexities related to instructional design for e-learning. The integration of systems within business is leading to a bigger need than ever before for designers to understand the entire system within which they are designing. As has always been the case, the system includes people, processes, and technology. But, the big difference is the interdependence of these factors.

The interdependence is being enabled by technology but is being driven by the desire and movement toward an always-on, on-demand, personalized approach to how people think about goods and services. I think this is going to put a greater emphasis on the S in ISD more than ever (S as both systems and systematic).

Instructional designers are going to have to step outside of their comfort zones to get a seat at the table with IT, knowledge management, corporate communications,
HR, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and the document and digital asset management groups in order to remain viable. The walls between an LMS/LCMS, and other sources of content and people data are going to be torn down and we will want to make sure that humane learning solutions are not sacrificed.

Understanding what is and what is not a suitable prospect for instructional design is also going to become more critical as the flow of data and information overload continues to build. Designers will not be able top create instruction for every new data element that needs to be communicated to learners and having analysis skills to determine the best approach for delivery among all potential content delivery systems will be a key skill.

Instructional designers can remain in a very small space and risk the fate of other specialized fields (e.g. outsourcing and off-shoring) or step to the plate and engage in the much more complex aspects of the systems that are going to be a part of the learning landscape of the near future.

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June 3, 2004

Masie Center SIG

I will be heading to Vegas Sunday to speak at the Masie Center Instructional Design SIG. I am going facilitate discussions on the role and skills of instructional designers and on the future of instructional design. I will post some of me thoughts here after the sessions are over.

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